Modi led panel acting againt honest officers ~ Sanjiv Chaturvedi


Our country elections got heated up amidst acronyms – and high standard statements – revolving around preventing corruption and strong graft laws. Emphasis was laid on ensuring encouragement to honest bureaucrats.

However, in a big embarassment to the highest executive post of the country, bureaucrat-posting related decision, by none other than a panel involving PM, has been reversed – involvong a renowned activist bureaucrat Sanjiv Chaturvedi (who has played heroic role in AIIMS graft iaaues and system improvements).

Further, even evidences have been submitted by the officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi – regarding harassment by BJP state govt.

Furnishing of such evidence – along with the fact that – CAT has dismissed the PM led panel’s decision on Sanjiv Chaturvedi’s removal – raises grave concerns and amounts to a big embarassment – as PM led panel is under scrutiny.

Offices like PM, along with panels led by such offices – ought to set very high standards of conduct, rather than being percieved as discouraging honest officers and any state govts harassing them.