Menace of media! PR agents to brainwash voter mind?


They say media is a 4th pillar of democracy, and is critical of the power centres as well as the opposition.

However, my critical constant sceptical observation – assertively prompts me to opine otherwise – about this new age PR agency model – which is either – hired by political parties to brainwash innocent voters or are owned by corporates – who are the capitalists – aiding that party – by funding their PR campaign – to come to power.

Constant sceptical observation of majority channel’s conduct – on parameters like – coverage, choice of headlines, choice of topics for debate, choice of which issues to raise or wholly omit the coverage of some – will reveal their bias – towards or anti – a particular political party. Take an example of the picture at start of this post! Times Now is exaggerating the hashtag and headline – employed to describe – an activity – pertaining to AamAadmiParty, however, when same attributes to BJP – its shocking to observe – how Times Now endeavours to brain wash the voter – by shifting the onus and blame on election commission, and does not even specifies BJP conduct

The conduct on aforesaid parameters – aptly and completely – expose the news channels – have reduced themselves to meagre PR agents – who malign image of opponents and hide anti-voter conduct of bosses.

In such scenario, best alternative is to track  conduct of political parties – via social networks like Facebook Twitter etc – where there is no censor via biased editing or biased filter to conceal particular news, or to deliberately create a public image of some political party – in a certain way.

Rest in peace – the paid 4th pillar of democracy!