Audacity & consequent dismay !!

Well .. the inconceivable has bestowed itself upon us!! Hence, the scribble!

Outrageous! Perplexing! Detrimental to perception globally! Hypocrite ! Beyond comprehension!!

Unequivocally concur with all synonymous adjectives – in context of what India bestowed upon Mr PK & consequential, though inconceivable, dismay 😦

Night’s gloomy headlines of the cronies .. & here it is .. the sight of the inconceivable !! Mr PK’s audacity, though pervaded with hypocrisy, maybe offending BJP’s one personality, to designate India – with the obnoxious ‘intolerant’ remark !! !!

Being designated such – by none other than brand ambassador of country’s initiative welcoming foreign tourists under ‘athiti devo bhav’ – accentuates the gravity even further !!

Utter NONSENSICAL ! Hypocrite ! Obnoxious ! (Primarily, this attribution of personality trait – is attributable to – protests by one strata – seeking ban on merciless assassination of a sacred animal – of their religious significance! This ought be synonymous or characteristic of ‘intolerant’ India??) Smell the coffee !!

Isn’t it grossly ironical and outrageous – how this same individual is grossly oblivious to the fact – & how – he had the audacity to recently pursue a mega commercial venture – ‘PK’ – mocking or offending religious sentiments of majority strata of Indian society – by preaching against idol worship etc – & still be vociferous in designating India as ‘intolerant’? Did this ‘intolerant’ society – not demonstrate its astonishing modern rational thought system – by applauding a venture of such sort – when despite simultaneously – to play a devil’s advocate – it being preached by a person from different belief system??

Doesn’t that accentuate the attributable intrinsic fact regarding the characteristics of – broad rational intellectual system of Indian society in general?? Doesn’t that validate the liberal mindset of Indian society??

Well, to the contrary, Mr PK has never been vocal or concerned to real ‘intolerance’ in our society!

Recently, there have been executions by one strata of society – in Karnataka – for mere registering of protests vs a historic ruler – known for oppressing, executing Hindus! India never witnessed His ‘intolerance’ concerns or lecture, then!

Posing a grave peril for humanity, there has been constant radicalization taking place in name of one religion, people from one strata endorsing offensive ideology! India never witnessed His moral awakening or any endeavor to admonish such perilous radicalization!

Hundreds of terror/riot offensive have taken innocent lives in India – attributing all to one ideology system! Didn’t He feel unsafe or prompted to admonish all such attacks or such ideology ??

A female bureaucrat harassed & removed in UP – consequent to her action on illegal religious structure of minority, that lady vociferously kept appealing regarding validity of her actions, and, mocking the system of this country, the illegal structure has been rebuilt! Yet again! Never witnessed His admonitions on this!

And the list is perpetual!

There exists a fictitious, & celebrated, ‘vulnerable’ status in this country! One needs to be unbiased to appreciate the ‘oppressing’ vs ‘oppressed’ strata ! Often, bias mars the aforesaid identification !