Blatant arrangements prejudicial to interests vs redundant statutory bodies?

Good Evening all !

So, do we have yet another illustration reaffirming proclamations regarding role of specific-purpose incorporated statutory bodies?

This seems to be displaying yet another jolt to, & impairing, the already dwindling reputation of regulatory bodies – incorporated – apparently for specific public interests ?? Have they become vested / redundant ??

There have been (much hyped) statutory bodies – incorporated for sole aim of safeguarding consumer interests – in any mode – if there is occurrence of any arrangement or proposition in the industry – which would hamper / impede constructive competition and adversely affect consumer interests – via major players actions in sync!

The aforesaid statutory powers were duly exercised – in case of mergers in airlines industry – when issue went escalated to Supreme Court !

Here, in this latest commercial arrangement in the tourism industry, all major protagonists have clubbed in sync, unperturbed by any statutory initiation, and impeded access to economical cheap options – like Oyo Rooms etc!

How is this underlying arrangement at any variance – from outrageous proposals regarding – Net Neutrality – wherein – selective access (to pro-margin sites) is being granted and selective access is being deliberately veiled / impeded (to cheap ental / fare etc pro-consumer sites)??

Link to the arrangement news:

Real underlying Q is why is the aforesaid arrangement not being impeded from implementation – by statutory body?? Since, apparently it seems to selectively obstruct pro-consumer cheaper options / websites – by formation of a cartel ! Similar arrangements are being viewed in skepticism – in Telecom industry too – wherein major telecom players have acted in sync – anti consumer interests!

Media too exposing itself – being a commercial entity – after all – which is more concerned with advertisement revenues from the aforesaid corporates, and, hence, audaciously, or being vulnerable, puts a selective veil over such news / debates on the same ! Obviously, this amounts to an ethical fraud on its viewers!

In light of such arrangements, blatantly at display across financial newspapers, all ought be questioning & be skeptical regarding the gross redundancy of such statutory bodies – which are apparently failing to justify their existence!