Economic sagacity of cess

Good evening !

All in for a critical weekend ! Perturbed with economics of a debutant fiscal levy ! Solicit your company !

To commence with, well, preachers of fiscal prudence have announced a new levy of ‘cess’ – a cess attributable to an assurance of clean India !

In fiscal cum legal parlance, ‘cess’ is explicitly specific levy – not designated for consolidated fund of India – rather – designated for a specific objective’s accomplishment !

In congruence of federal structure enshrined in Indian constitution, local civic corporations are separate legal entities – entitled to levy fiscal burdens in their jurisdictions – consequently – to ensure civic health of their respective jurisdictions ! (synonymous of what ‘swachh abhiyaan’ seeks to address)

Pertinent to note, & be critical of, all civic bodies are already in possession of their independent revenue streams – via sorts of fiscal levies on public – illustrations being parking fee, house taxes etc! Should public be coerced to incur repeat levies for accomplishing same objective ??

There are bound to be assertive & skeptical qualms – regarding the sagacity backing this fiscal step! When, already, civic bodies are in possession of independent revenue streams, even persistent in inflating their own levies

and there are ample precedents – conducive enough to opine – that they are entities of mismanagement, corruption – to ensure wastage of resources, and also, when centre is rendering fiscal cuts to highly affluent corporates, however, incorporating new levies – quoting lack of resources –

On one shore, govt is rendering acquiescence to leakage of resources – despite even being – by fiscal cuts to affluent corporates, on other shore, seeks to impose new duplicate levies for accomplishing same objective !

Critical of sagacity of such fiscal initiatives or crony capitalism ?? Certainly, bound to enhanced skepticism !

Much to ponder upon !

Adios !