Fiscal provisions rendered redundant

Good evening all ! Hope this blog finds you all in the kernel of festivities !

As usual, the ingrained blogger, inside me, ascends alike an albatross – at even the modest sight of any substance worthy of expression ! LoL !

Well, at the peril of being termed ‘pessimistic’ or overtly skeptical, I have opined that political mortals seldom embark on a journey  – which is not pervaded with contradictions !! Isn’t it ??

In Indian context, one of the most exaggerated terms has been ‘make in India’ or encouragement of domestic value addition activities! Or focus on intrinsic sectors – which contribute to economic activity within our territorial jurisdictions! The economic value enhancement intrinsic to the country – is sought to be enhanced or focused – by employing plethora of fiscal initiatives – to encourage value addition inside India !

Aforesaid objective could be achieved by employing – fiscal incentives to embolden economic activity inside India vs dis-incentive to other activity!

Subsequent to massive claims regarding the aforesaid, if one is coerced into perusal of news like following, one is bound to be gravely skeptical of bonafide of the said claims!

The usual Chinese products are literally rendering mass assassination of the very objectives of ‘make in India’ of domestic industry !

To put it in context of aforesaid, aforesaid objectives could be achieved – even by minuscule employment of various statutory provisions alike of Section 8C enshrined in Customs Tariff Act etc – which specifically empower enhancing fiscal impositions – to safeguard domestic industry, & Section 9 – Anti Dumping Duty – which had been enacted to ensure NO-DUMPING takes place in the country – form abroad. However, to my perplexity & a state of despair regarding economic well-being of domestic manufacturers, substantial question is – why the aforesaid fiscal tools are being rendered redundant & obsolete, why not being employed to achieve the objectives of their very enactment??

Well, PR campaigns ought follow the achievement of objectives, rather than, being the futile objective itself !!

Adios! Be optimistic !!

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