Hypocrisy of pseudo-secular media & writers relinquishing awards

And its there again !!

Tune into any media debate nowadays – whether its Goswamis or Barkhas !! Majority strata of India – is being bashed vocally – in worst offensive !! Everyone seems gravely perturbed with the imminent transformation of Indian society into a talibani / banana republic ! This perception, as per them, is attributable to persistent expression of outrage, by Hindu groups, towards beef consumption! Such strata asserts – whereas the benchmark (of acceptable conduct or action) ought be prevalent rule of law, religious ideology is becoming the benchmark of acceptable conduct, hence, RULE OF LAW IS BEING RENDERED A SECONDARY RELEVANCE vs religious beliefs! (since cow possess a sacred holy attribution in Hindus!) 

Many media houses are conducting 24×7 debates, self proclaimed intellectuals / writers – relinquishing their awards – as they claim to be apprehensive of the law of land being perceived secondary vs the beliefs and religion ideology – being perceived of – primary significance & pertinent benchmarks for conduct!

I am in absolute concurrence with this ‘uphold rule of law’ practice! My restlessness and outrage is towards the hypocrisy of the aforesaid strata of society! I am outraged with the gross hypocrisy & double standards for applying the aforesaid principle!

I did not witness ANY relinquishing of awards / outrage / 24×7 debates / media coverage or registering of protest – for the following law violation, RATHER, TO CONTRARY, THE LADY OFFICER DURGA SHAKTI NAGPAL WAS SUSPENDED AND HARASSED – for her endeavors to uphold rule of law – rather than granting primary significance to any religion’s beliefs or ideologies!

– http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Mosque-built-where-Durga-Nagpal-had-razed-wall/articleshow/39002119.cms


(As per the said news, there was a firing by minorities – when some meager sacred color (thrown as part of religious practice) inadvertently dispersed on some person of minority.)

Why noone was perturbed or gravely concerned – when in aforesaid news – rule of law – is being perceived & ridiculed – as secondary – vs the religious ideologies ?? Why noone is concerned with transformation into banana republic – consequent upon the harassment of the lady officer – who upheld the rule of law??

Damn this GROSS hypocrisy !!

Either uphold the rule of law across strata of society or uphold religious beliefs of all !!