Inducement for pessimism! Yet again!

Good evening all !

So, inducement for yet another pessimism arousing blog ! Blah Blah .. Did you utter – blogs gradually transforming into newspapers – pessimism unto perpetuity ?? LoL !

Gravely perilous for a democracy – is the day – when public opinion at-large is SOLELY contingent upon the content/direction of prime-time news channels / coverage ! 

If so, then, it would be  more congruous to be termed as – being deliberately MANUFACTURED – or rather more aptly – INTELLECTUALLY COERCED TO MODIFY – a certain way or the other, pro some power center & anti others !

Ever perplexed – as to why Indian media has been persistent in rendering an impaired perception in public? Why, off late, public rechristened it employing humiliating titles – synonymous of PR, brainwashing agency, extortionists etc ?

Well, this youtube grab certainly re-asserts towards that ! Yet again !

Ethically, role of media is to report facts AND STOP! However, the moment media embarks on a journey beyond that – i.e. – inaugurates being judgmental or commences rendering opinions on news – that is when the alarm bells ring!

The moment, media inaugurates self into the role of being an intellectual guide – beyond fact narration – commencement of prime-time commentary attributing – what is right, what isn’t – & cherry-picking past conduct of rivals & coercing modifying opinions – pro or anti someones – that is the time when we are towards the re-enactment of ‘peepli-live’!

For instance, in this video, prime channel journo is MANUFACTURING FACTS, (not reporting) COERCING PUBLIC / VIEWER OPINIONS – ON THE VERGE OF BIHAR ETC ELECTIONS – rather than just – PRESENTING FACTS !

Recently, mainstream news channel’s editors were sent to Tihar Jail – on charges of extortion – regarding consideration attributable to concealment of news against an industrial house!

The scenario is deteriorating due to corporate houses venturing into media, and consequent affinity to certain strata of power centres and consequent rivalry to others!

Mockery part, also, is that – the appointment of media regulator also lies in vigil of power centres!

Sole vigil arousal seem to be at the viewer end! Public need to be more relying on social media – which seems more free expression of facts – rather than edited forms !

Let that viewership of primetime be SKEPTICAL AND VIGIL ! Spend more time on Twitter, Facebook – for real facts in news!