Mortals in oblivion?

Goshh ! Ambivalence all around !! Obscure state !!

Just witnessed a major obnoxious earthquake !

Writer ingrained within me had an abstract literature aspect of the same event – Have a major earthquake, & all friends, we the mortals, embark on a Tweeting/ FaceBooking journey – portraying the philosophical side of every mortal being – devoid of materialistic aspects & abrupt abstract thoughts shower all around – pertaining to the uncertainty of we the mortals ! All tweets display ambivalence, perplexity – about – uncertainty of life vs our materialistic endeavors – whereby we reside in a state of oblivion – as far as living and cherishing life – is concerned !! All begin to value & cherish life – which otherwise we, the mortals, had been in a state of oblivion – towards !! As they say: ‘One values a thing – when on verge of losing it’ !!

Live life!!