Perilous pseudo secularism

Well, to thou envy, in a snug real-estate, in midst of a cosy perusal of headlines across media, print & electronic !

Aarrghhh ! Inducement for a scribble !

Upon perusal, the core perception – anyone would deduce from the major chunk – seems to be intellectually coercing my perception – to be towards that – all political parties, all intellectuals are condemning ‘atrocities’ against minority ! All relinquishment of awards drama etc!

The aforesaid conclusion was in the period of Dadree episode – wherein – allegedly – minority was victim – consequent upon offending the religious sanctity of another religion’s sacred belief !

In this period, every major print electronic media accentuated the perception of ‘minority under oppression’ & coercing all’s perception – towards – vulnerable minority vs oppressing majority. Every other political leader was visiting Dadree to express condolences & by associating with ‘vulnerable’ strata !

Apparently, & ethically legitimate, ought do so act, seems, every political party stood up against ‘extremism’ – irrespective of – it being by which religion ! Great ! Kudos ! Applaud that !

And then, a subsequent news, veiled, non-accentuated by major electronic-media, contrary to the gravity of the episode, to my utter disbelief, perusal of this –

Assassinated protesters were protesting against a ruler – who has been alleged to have forcibly converted Hindus into other religion. Wikipedia extract regarding the ruler:


So, all in for fair optimism, I was in anticipation of condemnation of this episode too – with synonymous conduct – since, this episode, too, is indistinguishable vs extremist approach – which was condemned by all parties & media !

However, absolutely perplexed regarding blatant obscurity, blackout of this episode – from media debates, party condemnations etc! Media, parties have deliberately or inadvertently rendered cessation to discussing this extremism! No debates or questions regarding the rationale behind this extremism!

Is some strata of our society – including media – indulging in deliberate (& non-existent) exaggeration of certain cherry-picked episodes – to indulge in blatant slander, smear campaign or casting aspersions upon one religion – so as to accomplish a selective brain-wash and to present a gravely perilous precedent of biased criticism of one religion and obscured version of other??

Any extremism which culminates into being potentially perilous for human race ought be condemned in utmost assertive form, irrespective of, it being by which strata, rather than, being veiled for some & explicit for others! Hypocrisy or double speak in such episodes is surely disastrous for civilized society!

Peace !