Resentment is inducement for scribble!

Cosy winters! Laptop! Resentment? Outraged? Implicitly, that’s apt inducement for a scribble !!

Oh! .. oh! .. am aware .. India still recuperating from the hangover aftermaths of resentment and outrage episodes vs PK’quake, alas, still, induced for the scribble !! ;P lol !

Hitherto, India has explicitly demonstrated – rational & well deserved – paramount expression of exasperation & outrage – across strata – on social media or by commercially offending brand endorsements of ‘PK’, however, despite all that, such unrepentant irrational audacity by PK – deserves anything, but, sporadic condemnation. Consequently, prompted for it ! Again !

The ill-advised perception & incessant chants of ‘living in fear’ will echo perpetually in audible departments of every nationalist, and, would be incessantly ridiculed intellectually – as fictitious, hollow – every such time – as they recur!

The entire vulnerable set of ‘living in fear’ chants – primarily reside on his ridiculous premise – insinuating from – existence of a majority strata – implies oppressed minority strata! Substantial premise of chants has been –  oppressed – coexisting with majority strata of a different religious belief system!

Well,  if one is destined to be ridiculed .. one has to .. !! It was in context of aforesaid hypocrisy of PK, I stumbled upon following recent past !! Following is the news extract of a rationale – submitted by a chief minister of an Indian state – to defend harassment & sacking of a bureaucrat – consequent upon – her acting as per system – vs illegal mosque!

The Chief Minister had justified Nagpal’s suspension, saying her action could have caused communal clashes by bringing down the boundary wall of a mosque. “How is enforcing an SC order an illegal or a wrong act”, Chandra asked.

via Suspension of Durga Shakti Nagpal illegal, utterly stupid & whimsical: Naresh Chandra – timesofindia-economictimes.

Solicit response from self, corollary to aforesaid, which strata is actually striving under influence of panic or distress, or ought be rationally perceived ‘oppressed’ ?? Which strata  is vulnerable ?? Is it majority or minority ?? The very same majority nation – as has been ridiculously alleged to be ‘intolerant/oppressive to minority’ – itself striving under panic, peril of minority riots – EVEN THOUGH – BUREAUCRACY PROCEEDS AS PER DULY LAID DOWN SYSTEM & LAWS! By any stretch of imagination, even remotely rational, does this seem to be an allegedly ‘intolerant to minority’ society ??

Such fictitious, obnoxious, ill-advised perceptions, as PK’s, – deserve – incessant, perpetual expose & stripped off their blatant hypocrisy – for being non-existent, fictitious & hollow!

Smell the coffee, PK !!