Relinquishing protagonists – by ankit bhatia

Greetings !

Happy new year ! Bonjour !

At inception of annum, optimism pervades my vision & festivities all around – conjure up to perceiving all of my readers in kernel of festivities and new year optimism ! Long live the optimism ! Well  ..  that’s not sarcastic !

Be gracious to skip the skepticism here ! 🙂

Well  ..  my ingrained blogger was somewhat ailing aching under party hangover blues, however, as was destined to be, the genesis of today’s blog stands attributed to inducement by hypocrisy of incessant reckless audacity and some pertinent cogent questions arising consequently !!

Could not resist a scribble venting episode  🙂

Perpetually ..  unmitigated, unfading, grossly bitter memories reside in intellectual cache of every nationalist Indian – regarding the issue that was obnoxiously outrageous – i.e. – witnessing the blatant conduct in recent past – assertions of intolerant majority! Proclaiming ‘aggrieved’, ‘intolerant’ etc  !

Obnoxious part was – such irrational reckless audacity by ‘pk’ , ‘srk’ etc was exhibited – in such a cosmopolitan society, which embraces all religions, though contrary offensive conduct by global counterparts, where a movie, despite mocking religious emotional practices & beliefs of the majority community, surpasses all commercial barriers – whole nation applauds & rather even initiates introspection unto their practices – no one incurs any ‘offended’ status – despite that – all this mockery / critique being via a different community practitioner protagonist.

Incessant condemnation for that flawed fictitious claims – perpetually !

Rather than being offended at such reckless claims, despite of fictitious manufactured fallacy of ‘aggrieved’ status & vulnerability  ..  this great nation’s ‘awardee’ brigade, clad in flag-bearer role, proclaimed along the flawed, baseless audacity & commenced relinquishing ceremony of awards – to conjure up – they empathize with the alleged vulnerability of minority !

However, today the bitter agonizing memories were stimulated for worse  – subsequent to perusal of this news article on Twitter :

Rebellion vs national anthem of that very cosmopolitan embracing nation – which voluntarily & aggressively bestowed its spirit of camaraderie & moral support – & commenced assertive award relinquishing national rebellion vs own ruling centers – despite the fictitious & flawed ‘aggrieved’ claims  ?? That’s perplexing for comprehension !! To worsen the audacity – this pertains to the very state of writer of our anthem !!

Suffix to all this dismay & outrage – that this vulnerable nation witnessed NOOO ‘writers’ relinquishing awards – when the betrayal is such blatant & is offending the integrity of the nation itself ! There is no sight of the ‘pk/srk etc’ protagonists – urging from even a local platform or debate – condemning such conduct (since they pertain to the same religious community) offending the integrity of the very nation – which stood assertively by your side – despite your fictitious flawed perception of ‘intolerance’!

Day of shame  ..  Despair .. dismayed !!