Fiscal Lethargy

The perpetually resonating dismay and pessimism, prevailing across premier domestic & global fiscal factions – prompting me to be rather oblique in addressing and designating the crucial anti climax reform, and, consequently, refer to ‘It’ as – aggrandized protagonist reform of the era!

Well .. that’s in optimism of – ameliorating – not to aggravate the pessimism !

And .. well .. that aggravated pessimism is not mere conjectural or unwarranted in any sense .. I concede ..

Since pre fiscal period, pessimism has prevailed, and especially aggravated, subsequent to perpetually prevailing ambiguity – even pertaining to fundamental aspects of the legislation – and inactivity even subsequent to cessation of fiscal legislating season.

Fiscal redundancy would be an apt pronouncement – rather than reform – for the prevailing – pessimism prompting – scenario attributable to the protagonist reform of the era!

That gravity has been accentuated – attribute it to this – all prominent fiscal factions have been rather employing unequivocal tones to convey their dismay associated with the prevalent scenario, and consequently impeding funds flow!

Undeterred by all this, even now, legal ambiguity prevails – towards – even minuscule issues alike of – whether protagonist reform would simultaneously and independently coexist with plethora of existing cosmic fiscal structure or the plethora would culminate into this solitary one.

Not apprised of even a solitary concrete bluemap or whitepaper – attributing to Constitutional amendments or warranting federal law amendments or even drafts – associated with the underlying issue.

Or regarding any expression of stipulations or exclusions or inclusions. Blueprints or whitepapers on what would be exclusions or inclusions etc !

Such grave fiscal lethargy would certainly not be positively discernible by global investment enthusiasts – especially in light of perpetual litigation and consequent ambiguity – prevailing – in respect of retrospective amendments!