The Fiscal Disenchantment ‘ – December 2016

Well  ..  a fiscal despair scribble betrays optimism, consequently seldom induces hospitality ..

Consequently, endure the despair, rather, ought culminate towards fiscal introspection, rather !!

Well  ..  if the perusal of my earlier glossy foreign direct investment regulations & economy slackening regulation scribbles – culminated towards an intellectually conjured up fiscal fiction comprising mammoth capital flows, forex, boom – intellectually,


the ostensible euphoria clad foreign direct investment route investments regulatory based slackening of economy via equity stakes communique – purported to culminate towards silver fiscal capital flows, equity stakes, rupee valuation and other virtues perpetually, then,

endure despair !

 Fiscal despair !!

Reevaluate !! Conjured up optimism sans introspection ??

Despite the optimistic fiscal regulatory statute based economy slackening, ostensibly, foreign direct investment route has been persisting with a redundant tag !!

That’s in affirmative !!

Sans a trivial culmination towards effectuated projects, comprising actual capital investments, overwhelming strata of the regulation has been decaying as redundant !!

Euphoria clad initiative had an ostensible conjured up fiscal scenario comprising incoming forex flows, investment proposals, capital flows, consequent number creation, rupee valuation, and what not !! However, overwhelming proposals in context of regulations, in retail investment, has been via other routes – except direct equity stakes investments routes !!

Aforesaid fiscal despair & consequent disenchantment, consequently, solicits grave fiscal, statutory introspection in context of the India-averse perception – ostensibly ubiquitous across the stakeholders involved in foreign investment routes, rather than being naive to persist with conjured up fiscal fiction – for political virtues.

A pessimistic fiscal scenario, as aforesaid, ought solicit grave perusal & introspection of fiscal attributions such as dearth of adequate direct, indirect fiscal abatements to foster initial investments, in context of risk averse stakeholders, liberal labour statutory framework, dearth of pertinent industry acumen, infrastructure issues, corruption indices, law order perception proliferated across global investing entities, etc,


most significantly, in my view, the ambiguous, and ostensibly, perception of irreconcilable Federal Union relationship, in context of fiscal structure, regulatory framework, & consequent ubiquitous ambiguity across investors, and to supplement, rather exacerbate, is the aberrant retrospective legislative perception ubiquitous across global investors.

.. ( Refer the detailed technical article in the journal with figures, etc )