Indian model of fiscal restructure of financial institutions – Dec, 2017

Good evening

Verge of a fiscal ..

Ostensibly, conferred with the pronouncement ..

a replication of the one which is discernible as manifestation of fiscal innovation, reforms .. Consequently .. culmination towards, purportedly, another fiscally stimulating one .. or rather discernible as manifestation of defiance of fiscal, economic wisdom .. Defying the fiscal sagacity of seasoned principles, faction’s opinions .. perplexing for the intrigued strata .. at the least !!

Either of the pronouncement refutes the alternative pronouncement .. which one characterizes manifestation of sarcasm could be deciphered individually ..

Well .. inducement for this scribble has emanated from the proposed statutory framework attributable to the fiscal restructure & recapitalization of financial institutions, & consequent discerned defiance of fiscal, economic principles.

Would rather commence this column with my Twitter posts on the issue :

” Ankit Bhatia writes on his Twitter page :

Statutory provisions & fiscal stipulations – purporting to legitimize the proposed fiscal recapitalization statute or restructuring of public deposits – by financial institutions – are in absolute defiance of economic principles.. I anticipate consequent fall in public deposits


Research advisory bodies of IIMs / Chartered Accountants / other eminent economic / finance research bodies in India – ought have been consulted prior to EVEN CONTEMPLATION of such statutory framework .. skepticism on the proposed statute .. Perplexed factions .. ”

Source – my Twitter page

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Manifestation of vindication

Good evening..

My skepticism clad scribble, of exoneration & vindication of blatant mockery, would have been well envisaged on the eve of unveiling of quarter fiscal figures today .. Both .. this scribble & the fiscally induced vindication were discernible .. umm .. am I being too skeptical ..

Well .. fiscal data unveiled today .. intrigued / pessimism / exacerbation acknowledgement / an indictment .. apt encapsulation ..

As would have been a corollary, an analogy or been extrapolated by now (from commencement of critique) .. Indictment was imminent ..

Fiscal data released today unveiled the fiscal exacerbation that was discernible across our fiscal factions .. The ostentatious characteristic of the reform, and consequent analogy of it being anything – but in pursuance of fiscal rationale .. Today’s unveiled economic fiscal data tantamount to nothing but a manifestation of vindication of the ubiquitous assertions endorsing mockery of the ostentatious reform..

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